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How to Create Your Perfect Bathroom

undefinedGenerally the bathroom is still the smallest room in the house averaging about 8 x 6ft (2.4 x 1.8m) Therefore it is important to consider the function of your bathroom: what items you would like it to contain, the size and position or structural feature such as doors, windows and radiators and also who uses the bathroom.

The bathroom should be a place that is relaxing, uncluttered, organised and has tons of storage for all of your toiletries, towels, spare loo rolls and even cleaning equipment. It should be easy to move around, easy to clean and low maintenance. You should be able to switch off, unwind and feel comfortable and surround yourself in nice smells and textures but also be functional for those moments when you have very little time to get ready.


You don't need to be an interior design expert or have training in Feng Shui to get it right - here are our tips: 
  • Who uses it:   Is your bathroom just for adults or is it for children too? If you have children then a small glass sink may not be the way to go, also just having a shower when you have small children is not a great idea - you'll need a bath! Think about who uses the space and for what purpose. Do you have another separate loo? If so your bathroom can be your relaxing spa. Do you have small children? If so you’ll need a practical space that’s easy to move around.
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  • Items: Apart from the loo and basin, what other hardware would you like? A bath or shower, or even both! How about a bidet? Would you like enclosed or open storage, wall mounted or floor standing? Do you want your linen basket to be in there? Decide on your ideal items and research types available. As a rule of thumb a white suite is always the safest bet for longevity of style as it has the widest appeal and matches any colour scheme you introduce.
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  • Size: Draw a scale model of your bathroom on paper or on computer; mark the position of doors, windows, radiators and the existing plumbing. Now create same scale templates of the hardware you have decided upon and move them around until you get a layout that you are happy with. Next make full size templates out of scrap or old newspaper and try them for real in your bathroom – it’s the only way to make a fully informed decision. Remember that strategically placed mirrors can make a small bathroom look brighter and larger.
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  • Storage: What do you keep in your bathroom? Base your storage on what you have with the capacity for 30% more space, that way you should never run out of room! 
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    Whatever you decide upon, with a bathroom its always advisable to buy the best you can afford. You use your bathroom every day so it has a lot of wear and tear. Better to spend a little more now than have to replace an item sooner than you'd bargained for and pay twice!