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How to Declutter and Organise Your Home... and Life!

Life is full of stuff! Everywhere you look in your home or at work there are things that you need and use but you don’t really want to see them every day. It’s time to declutter your life! It’s a lot easier than you think too! Make it easy - just take one room or cupboard at a time.
What do I Use? Make a list of what you use often, seldom and never – then put all of the “never” items into a drawer or box – if you haven’t gotten them out of the box in a month chances are you don’t need them at all. Why do you have them? This is usually the worst in the kitchen, be ruthless! undefined
Grouping possessions. It may seem like the simplest thing but where is your CD collection? Is it all in one place, are they easy to view & select? Or are there some in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and some in the office? Are they all in their  matching cases? Collect all similar items together, from CD’s to shoes, from make-up to DIY tools. You will be amazed at how much you have! Then you can work out how and where to store them. undefined
Use them or try them on. If you have a massive clothing collection that spills out of your wardrobe and drawers? The best thing to do is spend a few hours and tryeverything on. It may seem a bit drastic but those clothes that do not fit, are way out of fashion, have buttons missing, holes or marks are cluttering up your space. Make three piles: keep, charity and throw away (if your indecisive have a ‘maybe’ pile too – if you haven’t taken it out of the pile in six months then you don’t need it) undefined
Is it out of date? Check all of the food items in your kitchen cupboards, chances are you will have things at the back that are out of date, remember to check herbs and spices too – we all have some that we seldom use. Check all of your lotions and potions, many will be either old or only have a small quantity left in them. Mix old body lotions, shower gels etc in one tub or bottle if you don’t want to throw them out. undefined
Paperwork. We all have mounds of paper in our homes. Mostly old bills and bank statements. Group these together an only keep the most recent year or 2 years – shred & recycle the rest. Find one place to keep them tidy, maybe buy a filing box or cabinet – then when a new letter comes in just file it away with the others. undefined




Once you’re done you’ll be a lot more organised, decluttering really helps to simplify your life – getting rid of those everyday niggles when you can’t find your car insurance, a certain lipstick or the right screwdriver.